What to do when you miss travelling

Imagine . . .

You planned for years . . .

You researched destinations and set aside funds . . .

You sold your home and whittled down belongings to the bare essentials . . .

At last, you set out for two years of world travel . . .

And then, a world pandemic hits.

That’s what happened to my friend from The Long Road Home. She and her husband planned to spend two years exploring the world, but COVID-19 made their long road home much shorter.

The mental adjustment to the abrupt change in plans has been tough, but she’s trying to cope with good humour, as you can see from this video in which her treadmill becomes an airport conveyor belt and moving sidewalk.

Click here: What do do when you miss travelling . . .

I invite you to read her other posts too. Kathryn is a journalist, so she knows how to ask good questions and spin a tale out of the answers.

Many suitcases lined up
This is our family collection of suitcases. We are equipped to travel . . . as soon as it is safe to do so.

13 thoughts on “What to do when you miss travelling

  1. Jennifer Grant

    My trips to Jordan and Vancouver have been cancelled but I still live in hope that my August trip to Newfoundland can go ahead. Having my wings clipped now is a very different feeling than it was when my husband was sick. Now it is a global event and no one is going anywhere however then everyone was going everywhere but me and I really felt the loss of adventure. Here’s a tip – if your friend is grounded don’t talk about your wonderful holiday, it only makes their sense of loss greater. I know that in pandemic times this too will pass and we will all be wizzing around the world before we know it so while we are earthbound enjoy what pleasures are accessible- after all someone else would be happy to spend a lot of time and money to see what is in our β€˜hood. Daydreaming is also helpful.

    1. Arlene Somerton Smith Post author

      I love that reminder – that we live in a city that is a tourist destination for a lot of people. Ottawa is a fantastic place to be grounded. Fingers crossed for Newfoundland for you. Should happen? I’m afraid to guess about anything any more.

  2. marianbeaman

    Thanks for sharing this cleverly conceived video. Left a comment!

    Arlene, I have not been outside the city limits since the shutdown due to the pandemic. I hardly miss it since I have a woodsy space to walk in and parks to explore. But, I feel the need to stretch beyond the borders this summer, for sure!

    1. Arlene Somerton Smith Post author

      We all get a little restless in our summers. We took a cautious trip to our cottage last week – we bought all our groceries at home, didn’t interact with people there and we were prepared to flee for home if we got so much as a sniffle. The change of scenery was really welcome. I think our young adult children were happy to have a break from us too!

  3. Ally Bean

    I hear ‘ya. This year was to be a big travel year for us. After the last two years in which we focused on house repairs, 2020 was to be our reward. Upside is we have a lovely house in which to shelter, downside is I’m more than ready to see something new. But it ain’t happening, is it?

    1. Arlene Somerton Smith Post author

      I guess 2021 will feel like and even bigger reward after this. We are trying to look at it as bonus extra time to plan for our next trip. We are also looking at where we can go locally that will feel like a vacation. We all do what we can.


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