Arlene Somerton Smith

Meaningful words


My short stories have been published in literary magazines and anthologies, including DESCANT, a Writer’s Digest anthology and the Blood Is Thicker anthology.

My draft novel, HOME, is about three generations of women who bring about the return of the Montreal Expos.

Personal Reflections

One of my friends calls me a Laughing Thinker. I look deeply into simple things and find profound meaning. You can read my insights on my blog.

Sony video camera from the side with the shooter's eye visible

Plain Language

I began my career shooting the rapids of the Ottawa River—with a video camera, that is. That experience with Wilderness Tours Whitewater Rafting led to work as a producer for Rogers Television in Ottawa, Canada. I worked there for twelve years and built lifelong friendships with bright and talented Rogers co-workers. Along the way I learned how to write for the spoken word.

A Page of a Different Kind

In 2015, I started part-time work as a Page with the Ottawa Public Library. I love to spend my days surrounded by stories. It is a simple and profound way to make a living.

Deep Roots

I grew up on a farm in the Ottawa Valley. That childhood of digging dirt, shovelling manure, planting seeds, and losing animals or crops in heartbreaking ways shaped me.

When life and death are both in your own hands and out of your control every day, you learn that food, shelter and family are all that matters.