Goof morning: A fluke flash of happiness

Twice in the past week I started very serious, important emails about very serious important matters to colleagues. Both times, instead of writing “Good morning,” my index finger travelled too far to the right on the keyboard, and I typed “Goof morning.”

Astonishing how much that made me smile.

The very serious, important matters felt not so very serious or important after all. The typo brought a flukey flash of happiness that changed the course of my day.

May it change the course of yours too.

Email with subject "Very Serious Important Matter" with Goof morning as intro

4 thoughts on “Goof morning: A fluke flash of happiness

  1. karen

    Oh my goodness Arlene, that made me chuckle. We take ourselves far too seriously, and I will remember that the next time I am writing such emails. Goof Morning to you too!

    1. Arlene Somerton Smith Post author

      I didn’t add in about the number of times I’ve intended to start messages with “Hello” but wrote “Hell” instead. I’m terrified of not catching that one before I hit send!

  2. marianbeaman

    Well, your title and the post both made me smile – twice!

    Not long ago, the slogan of one of our local newcasts said,” We take the news seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously.” I must have the wording wrong because it doesn’t sound as cool as it did when they said it. Maybe I made a GOOF! 🙂


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