Put a happy face on it: Pothole city

Going through old posts, I found a picture to give us a boost today.

Orange happy face painted on a pothole
Happy face pothole

It is the time of year for potholes in Ottawa, Canada where I live. The ground is thawing and contracting after expanding through the frozen winter. Road salt exacerbates the damage to the asphalt that crumbles under the wheels of cars.

On this pothole, patched by black asphalt, a happy person painted an orange happy face.

When life sends you potholes, put on a happy face.

10 thoughts on “Put a happy face on it: Pothole city

  1. marianbeaman

    A happy face on a pothole is about as good as making lemonade out of lemons – ha!

    We have few potholes in Florida, but where I grew up in Pennsylvania, potholes would appear after the winter thaw.

    May you continue to see the glass as half full today, Arlene!

  2. karen

    That definitely put a smile on my face. And the “sprig” of orange hair raises the cuteness factor by 10.


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