Servicing and light repairs

In the early days of rail travel, steam locomotives could only travel forward. Trains required turntables, like this one at the John Street roundhouse in Toronto, Canada, to turn them around for return journeys. While at John Street, the locomotives received “servicing and light repairs.”

Canadian Pacific rail car on the roundhouse at Roundhouse Park, Toronto, Canada.
Roundhouse Park, Toronto, Canada

According to the Toronto Railway Historical Association, locomotives serviced there were so attractively maintained, their appearance became known among railroaders as the “John Street polish.”

I’ll be taking a few weeks away for some “servicing and light repairs” of my own before turning around for a return journey, or at least some spit and polish before moving forward again.

Some of the time will be spent at my cottage—one of my roundhouses.

Do you have a “roundhouse.”

Orange and purple sunset over a lake

11 thoughts on “Servicing and light repairs

  1. karen

    We are on the same wavelength, Arlene. I just finished post on the necessity of a summer reset. You enjoy your roundhouse and the “servicing and light repairs” that it affords. I look forward to your new shine!

  2. marianbeaman

    I remember the roundhouse from our grandkids’ Thomas the Train sets. Everyone needs time to regroup. Enjoy your time away from the fray. Mine is coming in July!

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