ABC dialogue poetry

My second poem for April Poetry Month is quite different from my first.

At a workshop sponsored by the Canadian Authors Association on Saturday, Tim Wynne-Jones challenged us with the exercise:

For 6 minutes, write lines of dialogue. The first letter of each new line must be the next letter in the alphabet, A to Z.

Here is my result. Keep in mind . . . I only had 6 minutes so, yeah, it’s a little crazy. And I didn’t get all the way through the alphabet the first go-round. I got as far as O. All the letters after that I completed in a subsequent 6-minute time allotment.

Z Solution

An elephant can't fit through there.
Butt's too big.
Can we push?
Don't think that'll help.
Elephant weighs eight tons.
For F*&!'s sake.
Get me a lever.
How about an axe?
In case of emergency, break ass?
Joker, ha ha.
Keep thinking. 
Look behind the mandrill's cage.
Manny the Masturbator?
Notice how he drools when you walk by?
Oh no, he prefers blondes. 
Perhaps everyone does, even the elephant.
Quite annoying, that is. 
Ridiculous, like this situation. 
Suppose we go around? 
Through the zebra's field. 
Unbelievable how you used the Z word before the end.
Verily, I say onto you ... no worries.
X was the real problem, because there's another word for Z.
Yes, this place is a real ...

18 thoughts on “ABC dialogue poetry

  1. sheilajr

    So witty and fun and I love how you connected it all. Thank you for starting my day with a smileπŸ‘β€οΈπŸ˜„

  2. karen

    Arlene, you have a gift. Made me laugh each time I read it…thank you for sharing this aspect of your humour. Dave will get a kick out of this!

  3. marianbeaman

    In my books, you get an A+ going from A -.> O. I’m certain I would not have gotten that far, but you did, both witty and wowza! Thanks for the afternoon perk-up!

  4. roughwighting

    What fun! And well done. Arlene. I’ve given my creative writing students the task of writing a story with each new sentence beginning with the next letter of the alphabet. You are now inspiring me to give the assignment again, only this time as a poem. Cheers!

      1. roughwighting

        I LOVE the crazy. And that’s what I do in my classes. Timed exercises, and I beseech the writers DON’T THINK! That’s when the good stuff comes out. πŸ™‚

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