3 trees and a snowy walk

Some days I feel like this: snapped off with jagged edges exposed.

Trunk of a tree left behind after a derecho snapped off the top. Jagged splinters jut out of the top.
Tree snapped by a derecho in Ottawa, May 2022

Some days I feel like this: uprooted and toppled.

Evergreen tree lying on its side, roots exposed.
Evergreen tree blown over, probably by the same derecho.

But most days I feel like this: strong, straight, and reaching for the sky. I have a broken branch or two, but that’s okay. The morning sun shines on me and the skies are blue.

Morning sun reflects of a healthy evergreen tree shot against a blue sky. One broken branch hangs near the top.

What kind of tree are you today?

10 thoughts on “3 trees and a snowy walk

  1. marianbeaman

    You took a walk and the trees spoke to you. Grand!

    What kind of tree am I today? Well, earlier in the day I felt uprooted with a notification that I may have to begin again, possibly with a new ISBN number for my new book. Later, when I spoke to a specialist, she used the words “I don’t think there’s much harm done” when she spoke of the errors that may be rectified just by sending a new file. So, right now I’ll identify with a sturdy oak.

    Great question, Arlene!

  2. Writer McWriterson

    I love how you compared yourself to trees! This post made me very happy. It reminds me of a Ram Dass quote in which he compares humans to trees. 

    As I write this, I notice that the trees in my backyard have buds on their branches. That’s how I feel right now. I’ve been sluggish all winter, but I’m gradually waking up, just like the trees.❤️


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