3 things to hate and love for fun and gratitude

During a writing workshop led by the fabulous Melissa Yi (emergency room doctor and writer, because both are so easy), she proposed finding humour by turning hate into love.

Here’s how it works: Think of a situation, and name three things you hate about it. Perhaps a ride on a municipal bus, for example.

  • I hate when a bus is late, so I have to stand outside and wait.
  • I hate when people hold long, loud telephone conversations on a bus. I especially hate when they use speakerphone.
  • I hate when someone falls asleep and snores.

You’re with me? All those things are contemptible. But Melissa suggested I should flip that into love.

  • I love when the bus is late, because it gives me time to have a conversation with a neighbour and hear all about his prostate operation.
  • I love when people hold loud, long telephone conversations, because it gives me good dialogue tips for the annoying characters in my stories. And speakerphone gives me both sides of the conversation. Two annoying characters at once!
  • I love when someone falls asleep and snores. It keeps me awake so I don’t miss my stop.

Here’s your challenge for the day. Turn some hate into love. You might laugh, and you’ll for sure find some gratitude.

A stop sign is posted on a gate, Below the words STOP are the words HATE. STOP HATE.

11 thoughts on “3 things to hate and love for fun and gratitude

  1. Ally Bean

    I like this.

    • I hate shopping for wine in the grocery because the aisles are so narrow, I’m afraid I’ll accidentally knock a bottle off the shelf.
    • I hate how the grocery is inconsistent about putting the proper wine under the proper overhead sign [i.e. Cabernet belongs under a sign that says Cabernet, not under Pinot Gris].
    • I hate trying to decipher how much a bottle costs because the font on the shelf tags is so small.


    • I love shopping for wine in the grocery because I slow down, dawdling, and centering myself in calm.
    • I love getting to know about other kinds of wine from around the world because I am searching all the aisles looking for what I want.
    • I love remembering that I wear bifocals that allow me to read small print when I must.

    1. Arlene Somerton Smith Post author

      Wonderful! Lots of gratitude and things to smile about there. I think our wine stores arrange things differently – by country, so it’s a mish-mash of types, but all from the same country at least. I know exactly what you mean about the small aisles. I always have visions of spectacular splashes of red wine and broken glass. So far, knock on wood, it hasn’t happened.

      1. Ally Bean

        The wine department in the grocery organizes the bottle by types of wine, regardless of country. It can work beautifully when whoever stocks the shelves pays attention to the sign above his head. 🙄

  2. Endless Weekend

    What a spectacular attitude and wonderful reminder! It resonates with one of my favorite quotes from Frankl: “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing, the last of human freedoms: to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

  3. marianbeaman

    I LOVE this post, Arlene! What a great theme.

    Just one from me:
    I hate that my book publication is delayed, but I love that my husband and I got on the same page today with my manuscript and his interior layout design.

    As they say, “Look for the silver lining.” It’s always there even if behind a cloud.

  4. karen

    That kind of attitude adds years to one’s life. Let me try …
    I hate the cold because it makes my joints hurt and head ache.
    I love the cold because when I shiver I burn calories and can drink more rum and eggnog to keep warm…and lubricate my joints.


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